High-Quality Forms for Oklahoma Lawyers

Oklahoma Bar Intellidrafts is a collaboration of the Oklahoma Bar Association and Intellidrafts. Oklahoma lawyers and their support staff members can purchase an affordable annual subscription to access hundreds of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use automated forms. Subscribe today and start drafting better documents, faster!

Safe & Convenient.

Intellidrafts is a secure cloud-based platform accessible from a web browser. There is no software to install or maintain and all form updates are available instantly.

Reduced Drafting & Proofreading Time

The Intellidrafts document assembly engine works behind the scenes to manage subject-verb agreement, pronoun gender, and other time-consuming drafting details.

Draft With Confidence

Intellidrafts provides expert legal commentary to guide you through complex drafting decisions. In addition, Intellidrafts incorporates downloadable practice checklists and links to relevant third-party content.

Reduce Data Entry & Improve Teamwork

Intellidrafts allows users to save information entered during the drafting process and then share that information with other trusted users. This eliminates redundant data entry and improves opportunities for collaboration.

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